If you’ve been eating another whole grain protein bar, then it’s time you considered switching to Oat-Rageous.  In fact, here are the top-ten reasons we believe you should switch:

10.  I hate it when they lie about the amount of carbs and fat in their bar
  9.  If I wanted a 500-calorie meal loaded with fat, I'd eat a bowl of frosting
  8.  Eating an energy bar should make me feel energetic - not bloated
  7.  What I eat should be more appetizing than a rotten banana
  6.  Fur is not a gourmet flavor
  5.  A whole grain bar shouldn't have the texture of paste
  4.  Gagging isn't a desirable reflex when eating a bar
  3.  Eating a whole energy bar shouldn't be tougher than my workout
  2.  If I wanted a shot of penicillin, I would have gone to the doctor

And the number one reason to switch…

  1. Mold is not a muscle-building ingredient.

Why should you be concerned about moldy bars? Because it has been an ongoing problem for one of our competitors.  Some retailers have had so many problems with consumers returning moldy bars that they have reportedly stopped selling one brand of bars.

With Oat-Rageous bars you’ll get a super-food bar that we believe tastes better and has a better texture and mouth feel than our competitors’ bars. Plus, at 80 grams per bar it is a lot easier to finish. But don’t just take our word for it. Try a delicious Oat-Rageous bar today – and you be the judge. We think you’ll switch for good.

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